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Every human is the author of his own health or disease. It means that, as humans we are all prone to diseases and ailments at some point in our lives, and it is our duty to take care our health and prevent certain disorders. 

Shilpa Shetty, a Bollywood actress, and the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2007, dedicated to yoga in order to help countless people fight the bulge and fat rolls through yoga practice.

People especially women use so many products to prevent aging, and some more people do’s plastic surgeries for face to erase aging. 

Menstrual Pain is common problem in women and almost 85-90% of women are suffering from it. This pain is linked with a collection of physical and emotional symptoms that is experienced during the time of the Menstruation cycle.

Many researches concluded that yoga reduces levels of the stress. Out off all the yoga asanas these five are the best yoga poses for stress relief and help to calm your mind.

Pregnancy is very special gift to every couple; it’s an amazing feeling during pregnancy, apart from the joy and happiness the pregnant woman also experiences weird aches, pains, and your belly grows gradually.

If you're looking forward to your beach vacation and want to make sure your body in bathing-suit ready, don't worry. Looking good in your swimsuit may not be that difficult if you try this diet trick: you can prevent weight gain or even encourage weight loss—without dieting—just by eating more fiber.

It may seem like skipping a meal would help you lose weight, but it turns out the opposite is true. Eating healthy breakfast for weight loss actually helps with long-term weight management.

Weight loss surgery is effective in helping to achieve long-term weight loss. When compared with diet, or treatment with medicines to help lose weight. 

A new technique that involves folding the stomach into pleats is being tested as a potentially less risky form of weight-loss surgery. Weight-loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery.

Drinking coffee whichever way whether it can be a black coffee with a spoon of sugar, or just a splatter of almond milk it doesn’t have a scoop of melted butter. But this combination really subdues hunger and help in weight loss? Which is now days marketed as “Bulletproof coffee”.

If you look food as the enemy, when try to burn your body fat, some fresh ingredients which...

Do you know what is Chakra? How many Chakras are present in Human body? There’re seven chakras present in human body, which are the seven energy centres of the body in which the energy flows.

We all have problems with families, busy jobs, tight finances and etc. It is sure that you...

In the world all people are busy with their works, even women also doing more work along with men.

Many researches proved that meditation improves our physical and mental health. Meditation is an exercise, which is not a physical exercise, it is a mental exercise that trains our brain, with this the brain muscles get stronger. Thus, it can help people to concentrate and focus their attention. 

Only some people have awareness on meditation, other people think it’s an exercise that we imagine something that gives us peace or satisfaction. In reality meditation not an exercise that is, it is not an act of doing.

when we feel stress, our mind race with thoughts instead of shutting down at night, this way...

The humble carrot could help to cut the risk of a certain types of breast cancer, according to new research. Carrots are rich in the pigment beta- carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A to fight disease.

Calcium is a key nutrient for your body to stay strong and healthy. Almost every cell in the body uses calcium in some way, including the nervous system, muscles, and heart. It is an essential building block for lifelong bone health in both men and women. While not getting enough calcium in your diet can contribute to anxiety, depression, and sleep difficulties.

We all have more concern about ageing and health grows as we age, for this we use to follow..

Human mood and foods they are consuming are more closely related to mental health. Yes,...

Who doesn't like to look slim and smart? Many of us will follow too much diet, we take less amount of food and do many exercises. Due to this, you may get some health issues like tiredness and may loose immune system power etc.

Heart attack is the leading killer of women and men. Now a days it claims more lives than all forms of cancer combined. You can protect your heart yourself. In addition to doing exercise, taking care about what you eat can help you reduces cholesterol, controls blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and maintain a good and healthy weight.

Doing warm up exercises before your workout is important in many ways. A good warm up will gradually increase your heart rate, increase circulation to your muscles, tendons and ligaments, and mentally prepare you for your workout.

Most of the people don’t get time to spend with exercise equipments like treadmills, weight lifting’s...

Sagging arms appears to spoil physical appearance of a person. Despite the fact that...

Normally women thighs tend to start get skinny at a body fat percentage of approximately 18%...

There are plenty of benefits with exercise, some people focused on it to lose weight and some...

Almost everybody suffers from some type of lower back pain at some stages in their lives. It will be..

Still dreaming about your weight-loss goals?Here’s how to sleep on them to Lose Weight.Your bed can actually be the place to lose weight! Yes you read it right. You can shed the kilos in the bedroom. Don't get too excited, we're talking about sleeping your way to go lean.

Having a speedy metabolism is essential for burning off excess weight. And the faster it runs, the quicker you burn calories. Because of genetics, some people are born with faster or slower metabolisms than others. Factors like age, weight, diet and your exercise habits can also affect your metabolic rate. But the good news is that you can boost the speed which your body burns calories by making a few changes to your routine.

Summer season is just round the corner and we cannot afford to let ourselves feel bogged down by the prickly heat. Keeping oneself energized and fresh all day during summers is a big challenge. But we certainly have a few ways to beat the heat and feel fresh throughout the day.

Every woman dreams of flat stomach. Unfortunately, many women do not take care of their diet or do not spend time in the gym, so this is almost unattainable dream. But did you know that your stomach can be flat without dieting and regular exercise?

Many people spend their lives waiting to be happy.  You may think, “if only I had more money,” or “could lose weight,” or you fill in the blank, then I would be happy.

The garlic has wonder working properties in it and that taking it along with honey is a very good antibiotic.  Garlic and honey have natural antiseptic and healing properties that can benefit human immune system.